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We invite to take a look at our new web-service dedicated to everyone who is inrerested in or have to be interested in OSH both in a big company and in a small family business.

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New JOSE Magazine

In forth an the last JOSE volume in 2008 you can find e.g.:

- Occupational Exposure to Mechanical Vibration: The Italian Vibration Database for Risk Assessment

- Hazard Perception Based on Safety Words and Colors: An Indian Perspective

- Ergonomic Risk Factors for Cumulative Trauma Disorders in VDU Operators


the European network for occupational safety and health experts involved in standardization, testing/certification and/or related research is prepering the 4th European Conference on Standardization, Testing and Certification in the Field of Occupational Safety and Health.

As soon as we will know exactly where and when the event will take place we will inform you. For sure it will be autumn 2009.

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